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Business Consulting

Education / Study Tours

Your Bridge to Business in Asia

ACW provides professional services & advice to companies

or individuals in the following aspects (but not restricted to):


• Japanese Translation Service

• Japanese Interpreter Service

• Business Registration / Incorporation

• Nominee Director Services

• Opening of Corporate Bank Account

• Employment/Manpower matters

• Government licenses

• Corporate / Company Secretary Services

• Accounting Services

• Rental of temporary/permanent office space

Branding & Design

Cost effective branding for Start-ups, SMEs & MNCs


ACW's multi-cultural team helps clients integrate strategy, creativity and technology with a top-down point-of-view - guided by a holistic process that contributes to businesses' bottom lines. view case studies ››

Interactive Learning for All


Together with IT developers and educators, ACW creates and customises English language classes that incorporate latest technologies, e-learning portals, apps and interactive games. These include:


ACW Educal-tion

Waku Waku Kids

Asia Creative Works collaborates with Educal-tion who has a curriculum that utilises cutting-edge IT technology to promote holistic solution to English learning.  The collaboration is made possible by their common belief that the use of IT technology will broaden the participants’ learning experience.

The Waku Waku Kids program is an English language immersion program specially developed for children.  This is the brainchild of Asia Creative Works and Playing Platypus who is a next generation education, media and technology company focused on helping children develop the critical thinking, creative skills and English literacy that they need for a rapidly changing world.


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Japanese Lessons

Market Activation

Maximised Impact, Limitless Reach & Control


ACW's solutions allow you to govern, manage and carry out the execution of localised promotions effortlessly. Create impressive print as well as digital campaigns, without the need to outsource any of it. view case studies ››

Customized Japanese lessons on one-to-one basis are conducted to promote more effective learning of the language.